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Intercitizens Activities
"New Zealand RugbyCamp"

"New Zealand RugbyCamp"

The 2012 New Zealand Rugby Camp programme acknowledged by the Japan High School Athletic Federation Rugby Division was implemented
with the positive support of Hutt City Council during 11-18 August in Hutt city, Wellington.

The 2012 participants numbered 24, including a Japan Rugby Football Union Director, 7 teachers and 1 JNZC staff. Mr. David Pollock and Christian Cullen were the head coaches known for their lucid coaching.

This year the former All Black centre, Mr. Alama Ieremia joined as the forward coach and presented his enthusiastic coaching skills with his Japanese as he had played for the Suntory Rugby team for a few years in Japan.

The feature of the 2012 programme was the increased exchange opportunities with the Hutt International Boys School (HIBS); the group visited HIBS the day before the Game, they were firstly welcomed by the HIBS school HAKA. The Japanese students participated in the Japanese language class as native Japanese speakers and talked with the HIBS students. Then the group had a traditional “Hangi” lunch with the HIBS students and teachers which was prepared by the school.
It seemed that the Japanese students were delighted and enjoyed such exchange opportunities very much.

The game with the HIBS was the highlight of the Camp. The Japan HS team took the lead in the first half, but lost control in the end in a close game that finished up 25-15. The Game was reported in the local newspaper, “Upper Hutt Leader” dated 22 August with the title of “Visitors show off their skills”. It was good encouragement for the Japan New Zealand Centre to organize this programme, to see the enthusiastic students concentrating on the advice from the New Zealand coaches in their desire to brush up their rugby skills, and also we were very encouraged to receive lots of the favorable feedback from the participants. We wish to continue to implement it from now on.

● The New Zealand Coaches●

Mr Christian Cullen, former All Black

Mr David Pollock, Wellington Rugby Union

Mr Alama Ieremia, former All Black


with Cullen/Pollock/Ieremia
the New Zealand Coaches and the students


Christian's Introduction

● 2012 Camp Schedule●

Day 1: Depart KIX to Auckland
Day 2: Transfer to Wellington,Watching College Game Final
Hutt Mayor Reception
Day 3: Visit to Westpac Stadium , Visit to NZRFU,
Training starts at Petone RFC
Day 4: Training at Petone RFC
Day 5: Training at Petone RFC, Visit to HIBS,
Haka Welcome, Students to participate to Japanese Class,
Training with HIBS
Day 6: Petone RFC Game Analysis,Training
Training at Petone RFC, Game withHIBS, AfterGame Function
Day 7: Wellington to Auckland
Day 8: Depart Auckland to KIX



Christian and Dave's Pass Demonstration

Alama's Attack/Defence coaching



The coaches:
* Participating in the Camp “Made a good study” for me to see the Rugby Kingdom, and NZ’s coaching way which was very clear to the students.

* Learned that the NZ Coaches' coaching style was very simple and easy to understand for us.
The Coaching style of "not scolding" was a good reference.

* Very fruitful programme for us to be able to see NZ’s education system, rugby clubs, and exchange culture with the New Zealand people.

The Students:
* Understood that Rugby is in New Zealand’s culture, not just a sport. Good for me to be able to assimilate many things in New Zealand.

* Good experience to be able to attend the Japanese language class and have an exchange opportunity with the New Zealand students.
I wish I could go to New Zealand again in future.

* Enjoyed the exchange with NZ students, including the Haka and Hangi.

* Very pleased to be coached by Pollock and Cullen. Good to learn to know how to enjoy rugby. This camp was very good study for my playing rugby.

* Good to have Cullen’s coaching which was very easy to understand for us. I can’t express in words how much I enjoyed my experience in New Zealand.



Visit to NZ Rugby Football Union

Hutt Mayor's Welcome reception

The 2012 students
At the Mayor's reception



HIBS Welcome Haka

At the HIBS Japanese Language Class

Joint training with HIBS



The Game
Hutt International Boys' School



The Scrum

The Line-out

Dave's Half Time Advice to the students

At the goal post      

   "No Side"





Visitors show off their skills
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Running free: A Japanese player puts his rugby skills into practice against a Hutt International Boys School side.


A Hutt International Boys School team had their work cut out
against young players from Japan here for a week of intensive training. The Japanese team dominated the game until near
the end when the Hutt side, a mix of first XV and the
development XV members, came out the winner 25-15.

The annual Japanese Rugby Camp brought out 15 high school students and nine coaches from Japan. It is organised by the Japan New Zealand Centre in Osaka and Hutt City i-SITE.

Students homestayed with Hutt families. Training was based at the Petone Rugby Club and covered ball handling, nutrition, decision-making, scrums, lineouts and back play.

Training was by former All Black Christian Cullen and the Petone Rugby Club coaching co-ordinator David Pollock.