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Intercitizens Activities
"New Zealand RugbyCamp"

●Kansai New Zealand Center submitted the” New Zealand Rugby Camp" programme to the All Japan High School Athletic Federation Rugby Division and has acquired their consent to implement it this summer for the second time in Hutt City.

It was an original programme for the Japanese Rugby coaches and students to experience the world famous All Blacks' New Zealand's Rugby-infrastructure and aimimg at their technical improvement.

The big characteristic of this program is a point that a NZ public organization accepts and takes in charge of all logistic arrangements.
The HCC arranged their staffs to escort throughout the programme. Please have a look of the photos of the Japanese coaches/students enjoyed their stay thoroughly in NZ.

We would like to implement this programme continuously with the cooperation of JHSA Federation and to expand this sports exchange between Japan and NZ from now on.

● Summary●

Day3: We could observe the training of "Wellington Lions", which was quite interesting for the group to see the real training menu pushing a car with 3,4 players in the field and various latest fitness machines. We moved to Westpac Stadium, Mr Pollock, Coaching Cordinator, started with his briefing on the programme at the Wellington RFU Lounge and also the basic pass drills to check the participants' skills at the indoor practice field.
Day4: Day tour to Palmerstone North: Japanese players and coaches went to the Rugby Museum, and moved into Rugby Academy. Had a lunch with the players came from NZ and the various countries in the world. It was quite precious opportunity for the group as the former All Black, Mr Christian Cullen joined into the programme as a back's coach in the afternoon. The forward group has experienced to use the latest scrum machine with the advanced NZ's scrum packing skill, which was very impressive for the group.

Day 5:

After the tour of the Petone Rugby Club facilities, Mr Richard Watt, forward coach took in charge of the foward skill training, line out and the contact session. Mr Watt's training with simple words by big gestures was easy to understand. In the afternoon, The Hutt International Boys' School (HIBS) the first fifteen arrived at Petone RFC. Both of the Japan HSA's and HIBS teams joined into the practice of warm-up, pass, stretch, line out before the match together. The game was watched by the Hutt CC officials, host families and the local peoples. The 1st half was one-sided game for the HIBS, but at the 2nd half the Japan team has got 3 tries. An impressive comment from a Japanese coach, "This experience, having a game with NZ students, would become the lifetime treasure to all Japanese students!" After the game the players and the peoples enjoyed a BBQ.

Day 6:

The group had the game video review at Petone RFC. Mr Pollock theoretically instructed the individual keypoints of the game. And that was really good for the students. At the indoor practice field, they had a modified games "American touch" which was useful to develop the players' space skill. The students were interested in and enjoyed it very much. One of the Japanese coach at this camp reported us “We could have the most advanced rugby training through this camp in New Zealand . It has brought me the pleasure of rugby again." Japan New Zealand Centre would like to promote this Rugby Camp programme as the good opportunity for the Japanese Rugby coaches and the players to experience the NZ’s advanced Rugby-infrastructure, and also as a community-based sporting exchange.

2009 Participants

Total 24 persons (8 coaches +16 students):
Japan Rugby Football Union, Director/ 1
Coach: Kurayoshi-higashi High School, Tottori/ 1
Hagi High School,Yamaguchi/ 1, Furano High School,Hokkaido/ 1,
Haboro High School,Hokkaido/1, Nisshin High School, Osaka/1, Setonishi High School, Aichi/ 2
Students: Miyoshi High School, Aichi/ 8, Furano High School, Hokkaido/ 4, Nisshin High School, Osaka/ ,3
Sakai-Higashi High School, Osaka/1





The coaches:

(1) I could thoroughly understand the purpose of this prograrmme. Moved with myself to experience the NZ Rugby training and thought the participated students could have really good training in NZ..

(2) Understood this Rugby Camp was a really good programme. This could be a precious opportunity for the students to experience the good NZ Rugby infrastructure and the home stay. I would like this camp to be continued from now on every year and increase the participants more from various regions in Japan.

(3) All contents of this programme were very good. The Rugby facilities and the NZ coaches were wonderful. Thought that the layer of a competing NZ rugby player was thick, so the NZ Rugby could be the strongest in the world.

(4) I thought that the facilities we visited were wonderful. The students and the coaches were very excited to be able to be trained with the former All Black player and they enjoyed all contents of this progaramme very much.


The students:

(1) This programme was very good for me and it taught me to think about more in playing rugby. When return to Japan I want to make use of this experience in the game.

(2)Very good to learn from the former All Black. Very pleased to have a game with a NZ high school students. Also it was good for me to have a confidence that I had experienced a game with a NZ high school. Really enjoyed my Rugby training stay in New Zealand. 

(3)Experienced the good NZ Rugby facilities like Petone RFC and the Academy. Very good for me to learn the way how they train themselves in NZ. The coaches were wonderful and they are very good at teaching.

(4)This NZ rugby camp was a very good experience for me. I learnt a lot from this camp. Very pleased to be able to meet with "Christian Cullen". Good for me to know the profundity of the rugby.Very pleased with holding the famous, “Bledisloe”cup.
Impressed with the NZ Rugby Museum exhibiting the history of NZ Rugby located in a quiet small town.
Moved with the splendid facility and the players' changing rooms of the Wellington Stadium.


In the train to Westpac stadium            

The hostfamilies and the boys


The former All Black, Mr Christian Cullen
and Mr David Polloock, (Wellington RFU)






2009 Camp Schedule

Day 1: Depart KIX to Auckland Transfer to Wellington
Day 2: Visit to All Blacks HQ, Hutt Mayor Reception
Day 3: Observing"Lion's"Training ,
Wellington Stadium
tour & Training
Day 4: Visit to NZ Rugby Museum, P.North
Tour & Training at Rugby Academy, P.North
Day 5: Training at Petone RFC,
Game withHIBS, AfterGame Function
Day 6: Petone RFC Game Analysis,Training
Day 7: Wellington to Auckland
Day 8: Depart Auckland to KIX

Mr David Pollack's briefing

Scrum training

Foward coach: Mr Richard Watt

The Game with
Hutt International Boys' School


The school HAKA

The Scrum at the 1st half

No side

Both sides

Line-out practice before the game

Game Video Review