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New Zealand Childrend's Art Exhibition

On our visit to a primary, secondary and high school in Hutt city with the Japanese teachers who participated in the “Visit New Zealand Class” programme in the summer of 2006, we found splendid artworks with vibrant color. We were so impressed we asked the Hutt City Council (HCC) to cooperate with us to exhibit the children's art works in this region. The HCC was happy to oblige us and the children's art works were sent here so they could be displayed in Japan .
We have just received 16 pieces of art by children who accepted our request. Their works are now being exhibited in our reference room. We are also planning to lend the works to Japanese schools.We hope that a large number of Japanese people see the art works from New Zealand children and the people to people exchange between our two countries is expanded more than ever.


Message from Hutt City Council
In the above photo, dressed in a red uniform are 7 th form Art students from Sacred Heart College ; Kathryn Currie, Mari Tanaka and Ellen Rodda. They are holding up a canvas work which they painted. Dressed in the black uniform are Year 10 Art students of Hutt Valley High School ; Annalise Bolger and Nikita Hunia. Annalise painted the trees with the white path and cloudy picture that is below the purple flower. Nikita painted the other picture of a tree. Art works from 5 other students at Hutt Valley High School were also on display. You can also see the pieces created by 5-10 year olds from Naenae Primary School in the background. The image on the black background is a butterfly and flower in glitter with three ceramic tiles - green, orange and red on which is painted a large red and purple flower.
We trust those visitors that come to the Kansai NZ Centre will enjoy the art work on display.


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Art works exhibitted at the KNZC reference room

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◆ NaeNae Primary School

The children's art works exhibitted at the classroom entrance

【The art works from NaeNae Primary School students】










Painting on the tiles





Lucas & Nathan


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Sacred Heart College

A classroom at the Sacred Heart College

【The Art works from Sacred Heart College students 】



Kathryn Currie







Mari Tanaka





Ellen Rodda


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Hutt Valley High School

The Art class at the Hutt Valley High School


【The art works from Hutt Valley High School 】



Annalise Bolger







Annalise Bolger




Shelly Hastings




Nikita Hunia




Jessica MacKay




Sam McCaffery




Hemi Tanuvasa





Priya Viswanathan