On the opening of the Japan New Zealand Centre

The Asia 2000 Foundation of New Zealand extends its warm best wishes to the Japan New Zealand Centre on the opening of its offices on the 8th Floor of the Osaka Organ Building.

It is our hope that the Centre will provide an important focal point for increasing people-to-people contact between the citizens of the Kansai region and those of New Zealand.

The mission of the Asia 2000 Foundation is to promote understanding and relationships between New Zealanders and the countries and peoples of Asia. The Foundation is an independent, non-political and non-profit trust which enjoys the support both of the New Zealand Government and of private sector sponsors and benefactors, including in Japan.

It has been pursuing its mission for 10 years, and through that time has regarded New Zealand's important and extensive relationships with Japan as a priority. Projects which the Foundation has promoted have included sister city activities, young people exchanges, cultural and educational initiatives, reciprocal visits and policy dialogues.

The Asia 2000 Foundation believes that understanding and relationships between people are the basis for all partnerships, particularly in an international and cross-cultural setting.

It warmly welcomes the contribution which the Kansai New Zealand Centre intends to make in strengthening personal contacts, and looks forward to working together with the Centre in an association of mutual support and benefit.


Christopher Butler

Executive Director

Asia 2000 Foundation of New Zealand








Staff of The Asia 2000 Foundation